“My first session with Julie was interesting as she was helping me to clear those stuck energy in my body. During the session, I sensed lots of hot energy moving up from my back to right side shoulder, it felt like volcano eruption. After the first session, I walked out feeling lighter emotionally and physically. My second session with Julie was more about emotion. During the session, it was the first time in many years I heard myself saying ‘I can do that’. After all these years, I finally walked out feeling excited and really look forward to live again.”
Client, Ealing

“I highly recommend Julie and the EFT / inner re-patterning technique she uses.  Use of that technique eliminated anxiety, fear and anger that were work-related as well as resolving past family bereavement. This is a technique that she shows you how to use yourself if needed. Thank you!”
FL, Commercial Analyst, Ealing

“I used to argue with my boyfriend a lot because of my jealousy and also my short temper. Since I started using the tapping technique I feel more confident, my jealousy is tempered and I don’t get angry so quick anymore. I don’t have to use EFT every day, only when I feel that I need it. My boyfriend said that I am a different person… Thank you Julie! : – )”
AF, London

“I have good reason to be very grateful to Julie de Burgh for her tremendous help in using the EmoTrance Technique with me on three occasions. I found I had serious problems with traumatic experiences which were handicapping me in my life. I was afraid of these experiences and seemed blocked by them. Some had lasted for many years. Here is an example of one of these where Julie worked with me. I had a serious disagreement with a close family member a while ago, after which he refused to speak to me for several months. We had reached a partial reconciliation, but I was very frightened that the bad feelings I had experienced would return when I met him, and that I would not be able to cope. Julie went over the past events with me and then she helped me to experience the bad feelings in my body. I found I could not only feel the upset emotions in my body, but I could also feel them move and pass out of my body through my legs and feet. It was an amazing experience. I also felt elated and empowered, and that I had learnt a skill for helping myself for the future. Julie is a highly skilled practitioner of EmoTrance. She is caring, thorough and inspires great confidence. With Julie’s help and inspiration I have been able to identify other emotional blockages and to start to deal with them using Julie’s technique.”
J. Retired Social Worker, Ealing London

“I’ve had a dreadful habit of procrastination for almost all my life. This habit of procrastination cost me lots of money and loss of time as you can imagine. Julie in one hour session managed to find the core cause of the habit and with her Integral Eye Movement Therapy resolve it completely. She also taught me how to access my inner resources better and manage my time. She’s and excellent NLP practitioner and very skillful in her approach to resolving problems and I recommend her highly.”
Jan, Marketing Consultant, London