Do snowdrops need stress to bloom?

Blooming after stress

I have just been reading how certain spring-flowering bulbs like daffodils and snowdrops need a certain period of winter chilling, below 7.2C for up to 1,500 hours, in order to bloom.  This is because when the buds are formed during late summer, growth inhibitors accumulate in flower and leaf buds, and the chilling breaks down these inhibitors.

How do we grow?  We certainly don’t enjoy upsetting experiences, but when they heal, what have we gained if anything?

That got me on to wondering if maybe we somehow need certain experiences, which are sometimes upsetting, so we can fully bloom, like the bulbs need chilling.  Certainly some of the most traumatic experiences can stunt our growth, but there are many ways to heal these so we can gain something from them.  In my work I assist people in healing the pain in such experiences so they can “flower”.  I use various forms of hypnotherapy to do this, and teach you how to manage future upsets yourself.



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