My Expertise

In my practice I use:
Hypnotherapy – the therapeutic use of trance states to get to the root of your problems, beyond your conscious understanding of the causes.  You may consciously be aware of the causes of your problems, but that does not heal them.

Mindfulness Inner RePatterning a way to truly isolate and heal the mental patterns which are causing your problems in thinking, behaving and feeling.  

Emo Trance (Emotional Tranceformation) – a way to connect with the build up of painful emotions which you feel, which often are overwhelming, and to allow this reservoir of painful feelings to process and digest and leave your body.

Faster EFT/Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) – this is a way to tap on acupuncture points to releast painful emotions and so heal problems.

Mindfulness Inner RePatterning, Faster EFT and EmoTrance are all techniques which you can learn to use yourself to deal with the future challenges we all need to overcome from time to time.

Why I work the way I do
I have been a therapist for 30 years, and in that time have trained in many different therapies, in my quest to find even more effective ways to help my clients.  My main requirement in a therapy I offer my clients is that it should help them go beyond their logical ideas about the causes of their problems, to get to the root cause. This is where the element of trance comes in and is a factor in all the therapies I offer.  I also look for therapies which can be learned by clients, and used as a self-help tool at any time they may need this in the future.

It is also important to me that any therapy I use should be considered “short term”, and yet help clients make the changes they want effectively.  I keep investigating new therapies which match my requirements, and can allow me to offer better help to my clients.  Therapy is an evolving field, and has progressed amazingly since the times of only analyzing problems, or just letting clients talk about them.

What I offer
I use the above ways of working with clients to help them overcome and heal many problems including:-

Painful/Overwhelming Emotions including anger, sadness, fear, grief, regret and guilt.

Problematic Behaviours such as phobias, insomnia, panic attacks, smoking and overeating.

Unuseful Thoughts which can be worry, negative thoughts about yourself and/or other people or the world in general, regrets about the past, or upsetting thoughts about future possibilities.

I work in West London, Ealing W13 which is convenient for Acton, Chiswick, Brentford, Hanwell, Greenford, Kew, Richmond, Southall, W5, W7. More about Julie de Burgh

Free initial consultation
I offer a 20 minute free initial consultation (by phone or face to face) to explain how I work – call me now 020 8997 7966 to find out more
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