“Star Pilgrim” by Simon Small

Absolutely Wonderful Book

This book is actually spiritual science fiction novel – but it is so much more than that, and the most unusual and uplifting book I have ever read.

I read this book twice in one month.  The first time it was so exciting that I went through it fast to find out what happened in the end.  The second time I savoured it, and indeed it has changed the whole way I think about meditation and its aims.  It has expanded my universe and opened new possibilities.  The ultimate question it poses – Why is there something instead of nothing? – has dissolved a lot of concepts I have taken on over the years, which were limiting my experience of life and the unseen world.

An experience to be savoured
I won’t go into more details of the effect this book had on me – it was profound – as each person who reads it will have their own unique experience.  I can just say, that is you are on the spiritual path this is sure to enhance and expand your experience.

Simon Small has written an excellent book on contemplation, called From the Bottom of the Pond” – The forgotten art of experiencing God in the depths of the present moment”.  This gives a practical way to implement the ideas in “Star Pilgrim”, and gives a different meaning to “being in the Now”.

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