Shiva Nata for Brain Training

Shiva Nata is the Dance of Shiva.  It is a wonderful exercise based on yoga which gives your brain the best workout possible! I got very bored with computer-based brain training games, and knew I really needed to improve my memory and creativity. I hadn’t been having much success with the brain training games, and then somebody told me about Shiva Nata. I haven’t looked back.

I could never learn to do that!
If you look at Andre Lappa in the video above, you may think you could never do this.  Not so.  He is the developer of this practical method of the Dance of Shiva which is modelled on an ancient yoga practice, which was the basis for early Buddhist Martial Arts styles in the South of China.  He has studied many different types of yoga and martial arts around the world and is a renowned teacher.  So he is really expert at this.  I do Shiva Nata at my own pace, which is very much slower, and as I practise I become a bit quicker and more fluid.  I set no goals for myself and never push my learning into frustration.

Brain Training that works
I have been doing Shiva Nata for only a few months and already my memory is beginning to improve. I am also getting out of some mental ruts and thinking of new and novel ways to do things. My arms are now much stronger, my shoulders are more flexible and my posture has improved, and I am really enjoying doing it.

What it great about Shiva Nata is that you are moving your body at the same time, and this really involves your whole brain in a way the other sitting at a computer doing brain training exercises cannot do. Yet it is great fun, and it is important to really enjoy it. I often only do about five minutes at a time, and then just rest for a minute or two to let my brain freewheel after all the brain stretching I have been doing. There are many levels of complexity of Shiva Nata, and once a sequence becomes easy you go on to make it harder and thus continue to develop your brain.

Learn Shiva Nata
I learned the basics from Noreen Blanluet who makes it really easy to learn and is a super encouraging teacher. See her website

I would highly recommend Shiva Nata as a way to get fit, be more creative, more open minded and to improve memory, learn faster (and be more open to exploring and learning new things), and especially to anyone of a certain age who is experiencing “senior moments”.

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