Shiva Nata different styles

If you saw my previous video and blog on Shiva Nata you will see from the video ) that this is a completely different style of Shiva Nata.  This is a beautiful graceful way to do this, and it just shows how flexible a system this is.  It has certainly encouraged me, now I know the basic moves, to concentrate on moving more smoothly and gracefully.

There are so many styles in Shiva Nata if you investigate it on YouTube. I stress the flexibility of this system which allows personal choice on how you practise it. Recently I have found it really useful to have a short practice of just moving one arm.  All the 8 arm positions are numbered (you only learn 4 first!), and each is numbered.  So I say the number to myself for each position as I move the arm.  I have just started adding the leg positions!  This gives me a real sense of accomplishment and total involvement, but I only involve the leg movements sometimes, to avoid pushing myself into frustration.

Do give Shiva Nata a go, it is truly unique.  I’d love to hear from anyone who has taken up Shiva Nata.

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