I Help With

• Stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem
• Emotional issues (anger, bereavement, relationship problems, guilt)
• Weight loss, slimming

• Phobias (driving, flying, insects, etc.)
• Habits, smoking, drinking

Low self-esteem / Lack of confidence
I teach clients to change the negative programming which led to this.

Personal relationships
Learning how to get your needs met without arguing and deal with conflict, breakups, etc.

Sometimes people can’t complete the natural mourning process because of painful memories which can be healed.

Anger management / road rage
Resolving the causes so you don’t need to feel angry.

Undoing the thinking and behaviour patterns which support this painful way of being.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
If you have been the victim of a crime or an accident or painful childhood experiences and keep having flashbacks, these memories can be de-traumatised.

This valuable technique can be easily learned and gives you access to the skills and creative intelligence of the unconscious mind.

I teach very simple ways of reactivating the relaxation response. This is important because when we are stressed intelligence and performance are significantly lowered.

Habit of procrastination
Develop your will and learn how to manage your time and resources.

Public speaking / stage fright
How to give presentations in a calm focussed state, and overcome stage fright.

We are taught this as a means of control, I help clients undo this pattern.

Panic attacks
These are learned responses and can be changed.

Again, these fears are learned and can be unlearned.

I teach ways to calm the fast internal dialogue which stops you relaxing enough to just naturally fall asleep.

I teach a very effective strategy for accurate spelling – essential for school children.

I work in West London, Ealing W13 which is convenient for Acton, Chiswick, Brentford, Hanwell, Greenford, Kew, Richmond, Southall, W5, W7.

I offer a 20 minute free consultation (by phone or face to face) to explain how I work – call me now 020 8997 7966 to find out more
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“My first session with Julie was interesting as she was helping me to clear those stuck energy in my body. During the session, I sensed lots of hot energy moving up from my back to right side shoulder, it felt like volcano eruption.  After the first session, I walked out feeling lighter emotionally and physically. My second session with Julie was more about emotion. During the session, it was the first time in many years I heard myself saying ‘I can do that’. After all these years, I finally walked out feeling excited and really look forward to live again.” Client, Ealing Read more testimonials