How to deal with irritation?

I don’t think this cat needs therapy!   She seems very talented in dealing with potentially irritating stimuli!

Getting irritated
One common problem that a lot of people seem to have, that they do not recognise as a problem, is getting irritated at a lot of things. People will often say “I can’t stand this or that” — which could be an actor, politician,the way someone behaves, certain kinds of music, certain clothes etc. etc. When people have strong aversions which cause irritation and even anger every time they think of or run into whatever it is they “can’t stand”, their physical body gets stressed. Also, anyone who wants to be a good person and/or on a spiritual path, will not feel very good about their reactions. This disapproval can add another layer of stress, and  perhaps even another layer – trying not to be negative.

Irritation can be healed
I look on all this aversion to whatever as causing stress and discomfort as something which can be healed rather than supressed. Have you ever thought what is happening in your physical body when encountering something you “can’t stand”?  Wouldn’t it be better to have an opinion about something and just remove your attention from it? – (like the cat did by moving away when it seemed to have decided it was not comfortable with the puppy’s playfulness).

I find that hypnotherapy can help negate the anger and stress which comes from bothering too much about the “can’t stands”, and elevating them into stuck opinions which irritate  you every time you run into them.

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