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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), popularly known as “tapping” is a very user-friendly technique, which you can easily learn to use on yourself. It is based on the credible idea that the root cause of all the problems we have is stress. It has been demonstrated that when you “tap” with your fingers on the acupuncture points connected to the organs which react to stress, while thinking of the problem, the stress is actually released. We have all felt a sinking in the stomach, or heartache, which lets you know which organs are involved in these cases! EFT is very simple but amazingly effective and has allowed many people to clear old emotional problems and even impact on their physical health positively. So all painful emotions such as fear, anger and sadness, and also traumatic experiences, phobias and addictions to food etc can be cleared. For example, if you are feeling bad after a breakup with a partner, having difficulties in any other relationships, have a phobia e.g. flying, need anger management, worry a lot, have trouble sleeping, want to slim or stop smoking, suffer from stage fright or anxiety around giving presentations, have painful or traumatic memories that just keep replaying in your mind or, maybe most important of all have low self-esteem, EFT can be your answer.

Faster EFT
I use a streamlined EFT called Faster EFTwhich also draws on NLP techniques to refine the targeting and resolution of the problem. I often combine “tapping” with EmoTrance in a session, as they blend beautifully together, and often one will be better suited to resolve a certain problem or part of a problem. For example, often a problem is made up of several parts – and all these parts need to be healed to have a complete resolution. So a seemingly simple phobia like the fear of flying may be composed of a fear of being trapped in the plane and not being able to get out and when this is “tapped” away, there may still be a vague sense of unease which might be hard to pin down, and this is where EmoTrance is often more useful.

We create our problems by what we do in our minds.
The good news is that we can change what we do in our minds and be free. Sometimes pain, like a headache, for example, can have a strong psychological component. When I ask a client to make a pain stronger (you need to feel the problem as strongly as possible to heal it effectively) and they can move the level of discomfort up, I then ask them who is doing this, and they have to admit they made the pain worse themselves just by thinking. It is then quite clear to me and the client that the pain is partly controlled mentally and then can be “tapped” to a much lower level of discomfort or completely cleared.

Bad memories that haunt you
Sometimes people will keep going over bad experiences in their heads, over and over again, feeling bad again and again. These experiences can have the painful emotion “tapped” away from them so that they are just memories from the past without the bad feelings. Sometimes these bad experiences are from physical accidents or from being the victim of a crime or just memories of arguments or breakups etc. or even times when we wished we had acted differently. We often go round and round these experiences in our heads and “worry” – which gets us nowhere except stressed. In fact, this is the main cause of insomnia which an increasing number of people seem to suffer from. We need to clear and “tap” away from the negative emotions with EFT so they don’t upset us any more and we can get on with enjoying life without regret, guilt, shame, and become able to let go and forgive. All these negative feelings hurt only us, and we need to be free of them.

Fast Results with Faster EFT
Habitually after even one round of “tapping” you can actually feel the negative feelings have begun to lessen, often quite markedly, and then the problem is well on the way to being resolved, and you have learned that seemingly simple actions can have a huge impact on how you feel.

“I used to argue with my boyfriend a lot because of my jealousy and also my short temper. Since I started using the tapping technique I feel more confident, my jealousy is tempered and I don’t get angry so quick anymore. I don’t have to use EFT every day, only when I feel that I need it. My boyfriend said that I am a different person… Thank you Julie! : – )”, AF, London

What changes can I expect

Symptom Resolution
Some people want to target a particular issue like slimming, smoking, feeling depressed, anxious or afraid in certain situations, or a phobia like fear of flying, and can enjoy the results of resolving this.

Generative Change
Some people want to really heal all their emotional baggage/traumatic and painful experiences so they can be really happy and contented, accept themselves without judgement and find that other people like them more. They can then feel confident to meet the inevitable challenges and changes which are part of life and in a resourceful and skilled way. This can open up a whole new way of being in the world.

The more we heal the restricting ways of feeling, reacting and behaving which we learned in the past, the more happy, honest and true our lives will be. Memories buried alive never die and trying to suppress our bad feelings or pretend they don’t matter doesn’t stop their negative influence preventing us from enjoying life, being liked and, most of all, loving and accepting ourselves without judgement. You can “tap” all the past negativity away for good, and learn to use this EFT technique for yourself when you might need it in the future. I use this myself and think of it as an insurance policy against never again having to feel helpless and hopeless, now that I have tools to deal with whatever may come.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

What is it?
Stress that started after experiencing traumatic incidents including being the victim or witness of a crime, being in an accident (especially one that results in physical injury) or witnessing an accident or being caught up in a natural disaster or active service in the armed forces etc.

What are the symptoms?
Flashbacks, nightmares and various upsetting behaviours such as drinking to excess, getting unreasonably and sometimes violently angry and feeling stressed without apparent cause.

What to do about it?
People who are suffering from PTSD are usually running movies in their heads of the incident or incidents (flashbacks) or having vivid nightmares, both of which result in very bad and sometimes overwhelming painful and stressful feelings. The good news is that there are a few therapies which enable sufferers to get rid of these memories and the associated bad feelings, and so make peace with their past. When this healing change has occurred, you know what happened but it doesn’t bother you any more. It has just become part of your past history.

I favour using FasterEFT in cases where clients have been mugged, raped, been the victims of burglary, have had a physical attack on their lives, witnessed a murder, have had a serious accident, have witnessed shocking violence or have been traumatised by battle experiences. Usually, they are going over the painful incident or incidents in their heads and sometimes having terrifying nightmares, and thus recreating the fear, shock and stress they felt at the time it happened in the past. This can change and the past becomes just the past with no attached negative feelings when you think about it.

My conviction
I feel so sorry and frustrated when I hear people speaking about a traumatic experience and saying that they will never forget or get over it. The past is over; the only way we can keep a trauma alive is to replay it in our heads and feel all the bad feelings again as if it were actually happening to us now. We can know our history, without feeling the bad feelings all over again. I know this can happen as there are tried and trusted therapies which can clear this pain permanently. My wish is that sufferers have the chance to be acquainted with these techniques, so they can be free of the past and get on with developing their lives in the present.

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