Emotrance for on the spot stress

My cat Saffy - no stress here now!

A couple of weeks ago in the evening, my very affectionate cat Saffy, suddenly got out of her basket and had obvious trouble breathing and was clearly experiencing a lot of stress.  I realised it was a real emergency, and actually thought her life was in danger.  I had a big upwelling of upset, which in the past would have stopped me from acting for the best, but this time was different.  I should say I am very fond of my cat, she is rescued, and I have had her for over 10 years.

I dealt with my very upset feeling by using the first step of EmoTrance I just felt the feeling in my body fully; located where it was and felt how much space it took up inside me.  This allowed it to process on the spot and subside, and I was able to get on with ringing for out of hours veterinary assistance, and booking a taxi to get her to the animal hospital, and generally dealing with the situation without getting overwhelmed by sadness.  This does not mean I denied my feelings, to the contrary, I allowed them to process rather than express.  With EmoTrance training, that distinction becomes clear.

I think EmoTrance is excellent for any kind of grief or bereavement, to help you allow your body to grieve naturally and not get stuck in the feelings.  I offer pet bereavement sessions to clients, as when a companion animal dies, there is a very real and keenly felt loss that needs to process.  In the past when one of my cats died, I got very upset and tearful, often in inappropriate situations, as I really did not know how to deal with the grief.  Now I know that when Saffy dies it will still be painful, but I know how to allow my body to naturally digest the pain, so after a while will be no residue, and I will be able to feel good  by remembering all the good times we had together.




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