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EmoTrance (Emotional Tranceformation)
Treat Yourself – Learn to be your own Therapist!

EmoTrance is a remarkably effective new process which teaches you how to resolve your own painful emotions in a deep inner-focussed trance state. As I work with you on the emotion you want relief from, you are learning to do the process yourself so you can use it for the rest of your life.

Do you want freedom from rage, anger, depression, sorrow, guilt, jealousy, fear, envy, resentment, hate, sadness, shame, regret, fear, tension etc.?

No Analysis Needed – Swifter Resolution
EmoTrance is a process which allows old stuck emotions just to leave the body – without you having to analyse painful incidents from your life or talk about problems in detail so you can “understand” them. The place we start from in a session is the place where you feel the discomfort from the painful emotion in your body – this is all the information that is needed. Emotions are the most fundamental way we experience the world and contain all the information we need. So, no analysis, no “exploring the issue” – and a rapid resolution becomes possible. Painful emotions get stuck in the body and feel like trapped energy. This gets compacted over the years, and when attended to in the most skilful way i.e. EmoTrance, can just spontaneously flow out of your body and clear the past baggage and issues.

Guilt, Shame
Many people keep going over their past actions, both recent and from years ago and feel shame, guilt and regret when they remember what they said or did. You can imagine how unhappy this can make you. When the old stuck energy of the shame and guilt leave the body you can learn from the past experience and go forward in life, being able to be much more resourceful and emotionally intelligent.

When we keep feeling the same painful emotion over and over again, it is a signal that all is not in balance in us, and we are blocked from our own skills and abilities. What happens is that emotions from the past, which were not processed or digested at the time just keep getting reactivated and getting more overwhelming and painful. For example, road rage can be triggered by fairly minor incidents, but these activate possibly years of pent-up rage, which may even have been building up since childhood. This causes the “over the top” response which robs people of their common sense and clear thinking, and can be dangerous and lead to violence.

Low Self Esteem
EmoTrance is extremely effective in healing any upsetting emotions, clearing painful past memories, getting over any loss, being able to deal with conflict, becoming able to handle authority figures more effectively, resolving phobias (including social phobia), raising self esteem and self confidence, reducing stress and being able to maintain good relationships with a wide variety of people. In fact, any emotion can stay stuck in your body from the past including fear, guilt, jealousy, rage, depression and sadness and these feelings can incapacitate you in the present.

“I have good reason to be very grateful to Julie de Burgh for her tremendous help in using the EmoTrance Technique with me on three occasions. I found I had serious problems with traumatic experiences which were handicapping me in my life. I was afraid of these experiences and seemed blocked by them. Some had lasted for many years. Here is an example of one of these where Julie worked with me. I had a serious disagreement with a close family member a while ago, after which he refused to speak to me for several months. We had reached a partial reconciliation, but I was very frightened that the bad feelings I had experienced would return when I met him, and that I would not be able to cope. Julie went over the past events with me and then she helped me to experience the bad feelings in my body. I found I could not only feel the upset emotions in my body, but I could also feel them move and pass out of my body through my legs and feet. It was an amazing experience. I also felt elated and empowered, and that I had learnt a skill for helping myself for the future. Julie is a highly skilled practitioner of EmoTrance. She is caring, thorough and inspires great confidence. With Julie’s help and inspiration I have been able to identify other emotional blockages and to start to deal with them using Julie’s technique.” J. Retired Social Worker, Ealing London.

EmoTrance and Relationships
 EmoTrance is wonderful in healing relationships and is effective in couples and marital therapy, helping you to be more open to your loved ones – to enhance your ability to both give and receive affection and love, to get your needs met amicably and to cope with rejection.

Divorce and Relationship Breakups
EmoTrance is particularly useful where someone is going through a divorce or a relationship is breaking up, as these situations are usually full of anger and resentment which is stopping any kind of progress. Even someone going through a bereavement will be able to deal with it more easily and manage the present painful feelings better if they can let go of any old unresolved feelings, including the kind of regrets and even bitterness which can surface at such times.

Baggage from Past Relationships
We are often blocked by past painful and unsatisfactory relationships (including with our parents and relatives), so we react in the way we did in the past, with all the defences we learned. This can stop a close relationship developing, as we may be too defended to respond in an open and accepting way, and can, for example, defend ourselves by being over-critical of our partner. On the other hand, some people need to free themselves from resentment and bitterness when a relationship breaks up, so they can be open to a happier future with someone else. The “baggage” needs to be set aside so we can move on.

Even an ongoing relationship, which seems satisfactory on the surface, may have soured due to a buildup of resentment against our partner, sometimes going back many years, and this can stop the relationship from being as close as it could be. Often the other partner has been unaware of this buildup and has changed over the years as they have matured, and a much closer and loving relationship is possible once the resentment is cleared.

Relationships can, of course, apply to your friends, colleagues, your children, siblings, parents, in fact, everyone and everything out there, as well as your nearest and dearest. I believe most of us would prefer to be open and accepting of everyone, even if we don’t condone all of their behaviours. If we let go of all the emotions which block us from being this open, I believe we can really progress as human beings, and add to the peace of the world by our example.

 This is something we may all face at some times in our lives. It is the consequence of loving, whether it is another person or a pet. It has been a part of the human condition, over thousands of years, and we have the inner resources to mourn and then move on. Sometimes this natural ability to heal gets blocked and grief is re-experienced for an overlong time.

How Mourning can get blocked
 Occasionally the death of a loved one can be after an unexpected accident or a prolonged illness. If we have painful and traumatic memories of the ending of someone’s life, these memories may keep re-running in our heads, and we can feel all the pain and upset all over again. We are not able to honour the memory of the person we loved if every time we think of them we remember the worst times and we feel sadness. We are also are blocked from the gifts they left us: the valuable things we learned from them and the shared happy memories. I assist clients in healing these painful memories so that they do not hurt anymore, and they can get back to remembering the good times, and feel good when they think of the deceased person.

I have derived great benefit myself from EmoTrance, and am very happy to be able to offer it to my clients.

EmoTrance for Spiritual Development/Meditation
EmoTrance can also help clients in their spiritual development. Many people want to be more accepting towards others, and struggle with their negative emotions which prevent this compassionate attitude developing. They can then feel guilty they can’t be more open and nonjudgmental, thus compounding the problem.  These kind of negative emotions and thoughts can really interfere with calm meditation.  When we feel we shouldn’t feel anger or blame or resentment and try to repress or get rid of them, they get even more immovable. When these feelings are attended to the Emotrance way and they dissipate, compassion and acceptance can naturally and effortlessly develop.

EmoTrance and the Unconscious Mind
By accessing the unconscious mind in EmoTrance with guidance from an EmoTrance Practitioner, you can explore and make changes to specific areas of your life as well as enhancing creativity and intuition. I am a qualified EmoTrance Practitioner and skilled in providing EmoTrance in London for a whole range of personal problems and issues. If you are seeking an EmoTrance Practitioner in London please contact me now. I work in West London, Ealing W13, which is convenient for Acton, Chiswick, Brentford, Hanwell, Greenford, Kew, Richmond, Southall, W5, W7.

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