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Hypnotherapists learn ways to help clients go beyond their conscious logical understanding of a problem, so it can be healed at source. Just understanding or trying to understand why you have bad feelings such as inappropriate anger and low self esteem, does not heal these. When you go deeper to the unconscious level, you get the cause of problems so that they can be sorted out.

How to deal with irritation?

I don’t think this cat needs therapy!   She seems very talented in dealing with potentially irritating stimuli! Getting irritated One common problem that a lot of people seem to have, that they do not recognise as a problem, is getting

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Julie de Burgh – Hypnotherapist West London, Ealing, W13

I have quite a few interests and I reckon the common theme is personal/spiritual development, maintaining physical health, and learning about the wonders of the physical and natural universe. Over the years I have explored many different ways to do

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